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Wouldn't ya just love to eat all of these?? It's the Sweetest Thing!

Length: 03:12 Created 9 years ago
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I treated the cat on the cover of this children's book to look like my cat, Spooky. Spooky ticks on! The music is a silly japanese song sung by some girls . . . it is supposedly titled "Cats on Mars" -- I doubt it, tho.

Length: 02:23 Created 9 years ago
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not all cheesecakes are for one person only -- yes, they are -- only for me! These look fantastic. The MP3 I am trying is "Obsession"

Length: 02:15 Created 10 years ago
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An early Valentine's Day Treat! Katy Perry sings "Teenage Dream" clip.

Length: 01:48 Created 8 years ago
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Happy Valentine's Day and Lots of Love from Jazzmin Flower. Song is "Shake Your Love" from Debbie Gibson.

Length: 02:16 Created 4 years ago
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I had some and I couldn't eat them. Here they are.

Length: 01:31 Created 9 years ago
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lots of delightful desserts accompanied by Hilary Duff singing "So Yesterday".

Length: 03:16 Created 11 years ago
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Be sure to partake in these delicacies and have a stellar Holiday Season.

Length: 01:32 Created 9 years ago
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