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Kawaii Kupcakes is back keep watching as more cupcake pictures will soon be added.

Length: 02:40 Created 10 years ago
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A video about Snowy Budgie this is the last video about Snowy. We sold her today 17th August 2008. Good Luck to Snowy at her new home. Snowy is a parakeet/budgerigar to people who want to know she had her wings clipped so she cant fly away.

Length: 02:28 Created 11 years ago
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Well, it's not really her birthday song but I found it on the internet by an artist called cori (never heard of her) but it was relevant! Enjoy!

Length: 02:53 Created 10 years ago
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Happy Birthday Snowy Budgie Its is her 1st birthday on August 6th 2008 she was born August 6th 2007. So I hope you enjoy the video And another happy birthday to my little friend!

Length: 01:18 Created 11 years ago
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Anyone up for some chocolate?

Length: 02:25 Created 10 years ago
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Hey every1 im back from my looooong break. i know i used this song already on one of my videos but im just putting it for now until i find a better song so anyways hope u enjoy the video and hope u have a great halloween :] Happy 35th birthday Hello Kitty and Mimmy!!

Length: 02:28 Created 9 years ago
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It's Cinnamoroll's turn to shine, in the Sanrio Spotlight! 6 March, Cinnamoroll is throwing herself a big birthday party at the Cafe Cinnamon! Join your favorite characters, and Cinnamoroll and enjoy todays special!

Length: 00:37 Created 10 years ago
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So cute! Very cute! Love kittens!!!

Length: 01:06 Created 7 years ago
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4 animals that live together. Happy and proud. Today is Cocos birthday. So how is this gonna be? Find out for lyntra97 ,tinadyroll, aqua_panda

Length: 03:11 Created 11 years ago
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November 1st is Hello Kitty's Birthday

Length: 00:33 Created 11 years ago
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