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This is a trailer for a series of videos I will be making for the next 5 years. Each year, a different video will be released during Summer. The world is in great danger, we are making it sad because of the bad things we do to it, we must protect our planet because it's the only home we have in the whole universe! Each video will describe what we are doing to affect the Earth and it will also tell you how to solve it so that people in the future can enjoy everything we have too! Animal mistreatment, Deforestation, Global warming, Discrimination, and Wars are just a few things that need to be solved and we can all help! Every person can help and every hand counts! Save the World! Music: Doctor Who-"Rose's Theme" by Murray Gold

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this video is about me!!!!! please comment & rate! ( i don't mind if you put things like "i don't like your video" i don't mind but if u swear or something i'll delete it. Millydoom xx aka Mouse?

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Animals are the most beautiful living creatures on Earth, they do every activity we do, but what happens when we mistreat them? They can no longer live happy. Animals have the same right to live as humans do. We must stop people who mistreat them and help them survive or else animals won't exist in the future. Besides leaving our children and grandchildren wondering their whole life how an animal used to look like when they existed, it's sad because some humans don't care because "they think they're smarter" but we're all the same! If you pay attention, then you'll see that animals aren't so different from us. While I was making this video, I found many pictures and videos of animals that were injured bad because of mistreatment. Injuries so bad that it's a miracle that they survived! If you know someone who has a pet and mistreats them, or if you see someone mistreating an animal outside, don't be afraid to tell someone and save the life of that animal! It's sad to think that our brain is a little more developed than other animals and we don't use it to help them, we must help them no matter what it takes, they're our true friends, they're the only ones that will be for us no matter what forever .I know maybe my video isn't great, but I just hope it helps at least some of you understand that animals are the best living creatures that were given to us and they were brought here for a reason, because we're the only ones that can protect them. Protect Animals! Help save the world! Change the world! Everyone can make a difference! **You might want to let the video load for a little while or refresh the page if it doesn't load well. I made it with Windows Movie Maker so it might take a little more time to load but it does work!** Music: Doctor Who "Doomsday" by Murray Gold Enjoy! PROTECT ANIMALS!!

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just another amv but this time with CASCADA

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Lets try to save the planet! Comment and rate!!

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A video about how to save the world and make it a better place.

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check out my new mini-website on astronomy and stargazing with a little bit of blue magick tossed in.

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Plants cover many parts of Earth's surface just like water covers 75% of it. Everyday we go outside and we see trees, flowers, plants growing vegetables and trees growing fruits, some of you might already know but for those who didn't: did you know that these plants, the ones you see everyday, are living beings too? Plants are alive, they need water to survive and breathe just like humans and animals, although, sometimes people don't pay much attention to this and everyday many plants and trees are cut down to leave areas for large buildings, to make paper, and when this happens it is called deforestation. Deforestation doesn't only mean that we're losing living beings, it also brings a lot of consequences, global warming is one of them, and it's sad to see how many beautiful areas of Earth and how many beautiful creatures are being lost because of deforestation. In this video, I try my best to explain this so you can understand the situation Earth is going through. I also try to tell you that, just like Earth Day, if we are together, if we don't listen to the differences between each living being, together, we can help save Earth's environment, we can help save many living beings! Earth is only one and we still have time to save it before it's too late! Help plants grow and give living beings hope and together, one by one, we can change the world! Recycle! Give hope! Protect living beings! I hope we can all help spread the message that we need to save the world together! We can all help and there's still time! :) To all those who have taught us to see a world in a positive way and to always have hope! :) Remembering: Vanilla (Birthday, July 31, 2011) **You might want to let the video load for a little while or refresh the page if it doesn't load well. I made it with Windows Movie Maker so it might take a little more time to load but it does work!** Music: "Serenade of Water" by Koji Kondo (Performed by GameQber) and "Letting Go" by Patrick Doyle (Thor Soundtrack) I hope you enjoy! This is the second video of the series "Save The World". Enjoy! Plant Hope! :D :)

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Everyone thinks its a deserted place with Donkeys. Now heres the REAL Mexico.

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were trying to inspire you to make our planet a cleaner environment by using these 4 words REUSE,REDUCE,RECYCLE,AND MY FAVORITE RESPECT

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