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from Pink Ice: necesito mas musica, por favor! I am having trouble loading music . . . I suppose it will clear up. For now, think of raindrops or snowflakes falling in the quietude before dawn. I used to collect beads from all over So California and I have a zillion necklaces that i made. I am continuing to search for the perfect Christmas necklace and haven't found it yet.

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things about christmas you should know about and I hope you enjoy it!

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this is such a charmer -- it is as weird as it is enchanting, as beautiful as it is scarey! As cute as it is frightening. You must see this. "The Waltz of The Flowers" is the music that the kittens sing.

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I, Anne Drommida 1, am back with more Christmas Light Houses. I will do my best to take a few photos around the area. There may not be much of a display this year : ( . The neighbors are too into putting up two bright white coach lights! The fools! Have a Holly Jolly Christmas? Not them.

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this is what I felt like doing, even if it is real cliche and typical of anyone. I already know it is not brilliant.

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