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pokemon amv

Length: 00:50 Created 9 years ago
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This is a mix between an Anime AMV and real clips of my really great friend, Rachel!!! To me, she is an amazing gymnast, and the person who inspires me the most! I found this actual anime about Rhythmic Gymanstics, one of my favorite sports. So I wanted to make an AMV out of it with clips of my great friend, Rachel because she is a Rhythmic gymnast, and an amazing one too! Please comment and rate! Rachel, thanks for being a great friend!!!! Miss ya!!!!!

Length: 03:42 Created 9 years ago
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Hey, Guys you been waiting long enough for my videos so i got a surprise for you!! :D this song is from the japanese Dawn from pokemon (Hikari) in japan its called pocket monsters enjoy!

Length: 03:00 Created 9 years ago
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this is one of his Japanese songs! I am i LOVE with this song!!! kind of old but I still love it! He has such great dance moves!! I wish i could dance like that :[

Length: 03:13 Created 12 years ago
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This is a video of some of Dawn's outfits. Tell me your favourite outfit!

Length: 02:30 Created 10 years ago
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Hikari ^.^

Length: 04:05 Created 11 years ago
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