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i was kinda bord, so i just put cute little foods in a slide show.. <3

Length: 00:29 Created 9 years ago
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Season 4! To adopt please choose a Hello Kitty that isn't already adopted, and post a comment saying that you'd like it. You can change the name if you want, also. Please adopt!

Length: 00:45 Created 10 years ago
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Welcome to the cinnamoroll adoption center! You can adopt any cinnamoroll thats not adopted by e-mailing me or commenting. When all of them are adopted ill add more! So good luck adopting PS you get no REAL item

Length: 01:03 Created 9 years ago
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Color changing sugarbunnies! I finally made another MS paint video!

Length: 00:11 Created 9 years ago
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This movie is a cute slide show of some sanrio characters! It's not all of them, but there is still some! So please enjoy! And please leave a comment!!!!

Length: 00:50 Created 9 years ago
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