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Please enjoy!!!!!To all the haters,dont even comment bad things or insults to vanessa!!!she rocks if u hate her then dont watch the video!!!!

Length: 01:40 Created 11 years ago
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Rating: 16
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Delicious cupcakes here! This will make your mouth water! :P Rate above 3 stars! ♥

Length: 02:00 Created 7 years ago
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food for thought. Beyonce sings: Single Ladies.

Length: 02:46 Created 9 years ago
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Rating: 12
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This is how to make a video using Dream Studio. As requested by my friends ^_^

Length: 01:43 Created 9 years ago
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Rating: 10
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from You Tube and la Carmina. Gym Class Heroes came up with a funny song called "Cookie Jar" that I put on this because the audio portion of the video did not come along with the video.

Length: 03:54 Created 9 years ago
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Rating: 9
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A slideshow on gakuen alice...Don't Judge Me! It's Hard To Write A Description! Song:Make It Shine By Victoria Justice ♥☻☺♦♣♠•◘○

Length: 03:36 Created 9 years ago
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Here are really cute dogs and their sisters and brothers! Make sure you read what it says at the end cause its really improtent! Thanks!

Length: 00:41 Created 12 years ago
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please comment rate

Length: 00:05 Created 12 years ago
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I downloaded this last night from the Internet, not YouTube. If you want to download it too, then you can search it in Google. :D It's a little flash idea what is was called again.It was kinda cute, so I thought I'd upload it. They say it's a game, but who knows? I only discovered it last night. ENJOY~~

Length: 02:29 Created 10 years ago
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i will give you more info about the Hannah montana movie when they have the trailer out

Length: 01:30 Created 12 years ago
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