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My pet wabbit tears a paper towel 2 shweds. it is soo hilawious! music isnt long enough but i still chose it because it fit weal well. ull know what i mean :D wate and comment as always, and if u want 2 know what breed my wabbit is its a havanna wabbit.

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my mouse, my bro's lizzies, and our wabbit starr in this event. butterscotch gets busted after she is caught breaking into olives cage. plz rate and comment.

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bcause of the success of Olive the Wabbit, i decided to make this. my very own pets starred in this trio of vids, and i didn't get them from the internet. olive, my havana wabbit, plays with my Christmas blanket. Butterscotch, my fancy mouse, demonstrates to u how much she loves being scratched on the cheek. Oliver, my grandparents' prettyful but huge Siberian Bombay kitteh, welaxes while he makes himself comfy inside a box. plz wate and comment and tell me whos ur fave pet :)

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just start

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