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I hope u enjoy my video! I don't really know much about these foods or how to make them, but I just think they look really neat and cute and I hope you think that too.if you want to see more they are from =D

Length: 01:55 Created 11 years ago
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This is also from YouTube =] here's link: Enjoy!!!

Length: 03:16 Created 12 years ago
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this video is kawaii

Length: 02:47 Created 10 years ago
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"Bad Romance" I will keep adding pix to this as I find them until it is finished, okay? until then, try and enjoy the music -- I suppose I should apologize for the lyrics of the first verse -- I don't like it but the rest of the song is worth it.

Length: 03:02 Created 9 years ago
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The first time I ever used clips. I made this using Windows Movie Maker, thanks to HyperCam. Glad it doesn't make Movie Maker hang like Zdsoft. Anyway, I used the song Best Friend by Toybox. Since I had many pictures of the cute Pichu, I added the song of Caramelldansen. (I'm suddenly getting annoyed by that song already.) So, I hope you like it! :)

Length: 03:48 Created 10 years ago
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This is made from YouTube also. Because Ophe123 from Sanrio is same in YouTube and My Space. This is YouTube link:

Length: 03:07 Created 12 years ago
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Length: 00:36 Created 8 years ago
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This was so cute, I had to upload it! (This video is not mine. I just got this from youtube.)

Length: 01:09 Created 10 years ago
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This is the first ever adoption center I make and the first ever pokemon adoption center! Just read How to adopt a pokemon and it's all yours! You can have from Fire pokemon like Charmander, to pokemon like Mew!(We have no big pokemon) We got new pokemon! BIG NEWS: A new adoption center for bigger pokemon will open in a few weeks! It will have pokemon like Raichu, Charzard, Zapdos, even Mewtwo! More Pokemon Coming Soon!

Length: 04:32 Created 8 years ago
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Hope u enjoy! i was just doing my homework, but then i got really stressed out from it so i decided to make this video which only took me about 5 minutes =D i don't take any credit for these animations, all the credit goes to their creaters.

Length: 00:54 Created 10 years ago
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