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Ponii is a little character I made. Sorry if the pics I drew are a little ugly. The rainbow looks bad! D: I hope you like it. Although it is short. I really hope you enjoy it. And I named her Ponii since I couldn't think of any. hehhehehe....

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Yes! Ponii's Adventures part 2! Since some people in my "Ponii's Adventures" video requested to make another one, so here it is! Hope ya enjoy! Sorry if it's late though. I've been busy with other websites. Anyways, Ponii is not anymore a pony, but a pegasus now. Since being just a normal pony seems boring, doesn't it? Also, the reason why I made her a pegasus is that I was wondering: "What would she look like is Ponii had wings?" So, there ya go. The song I used is the original CaramellDansen. The ones I usually use were "Speedycake remix". ^^

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