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I made this because I want my family to know I WUV Them There are still more pictures of myfamily the whole thing I just didn't want this to be long Tell me how you like it PART II COMMING SOON

Length: 02:30 Created 12 years ago
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Just a bunch of kawaii pix I had. Ill add pix soon. Please comment and rate. THANKS!! HOPE U <3 IT!!!!

Length: 01:50 Created 10 years ago
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please watch this video this is not for valentine's but the half of it is this is an random video but please watch thank you and don't forget to vote :)

Length: 00:47 Created 6 years ago
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i hope you enjoy it!

Length: 01:38 Created 11 years ago
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SHUGO CHARA MADNESS!!! This vids all about Shugo Chara. Its just a lot of pix but still CRAZY!!! XD Ill add some more pix soon. Please comment and rate. Hope u like it and thx 4 watchin!!!!

Length: 03:20 Created 10 years ago
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Come see if you can answer these riddles. Please vote and comment <3 Thank you ^_^

Length: 01:30 Created 9 years ago
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A presentation of the most beautiful animals - And MUSIC mwahahaha >:3

Length: 00:55 Created 9 years ago
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If you like it leave me a nice message. If you don't i'm sorry you feel that way. To all you who be leaving stupid stuff DON'T if YOU don't want no PROBLEMS!!!!

Length: 00:45 Created 12 years ago
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Hey Everybody! I'm Clover, sceenechick99, and I have been getting a lot of requests for a video, so here you have it! Is this my extreme everyday life? YES. In a lot of my blog posts I have talked about my friends, well this is one of them. Kaila! Kaila is my rocker chick buddy and we seem to read eachother's minds haha. I would like to give my fans a shout out! You guys have been so supportive, and I love you! I hope you like the video, and I hope you get to know me a little better! Peace! Bye.

Length: 00:55 Created 8 years ago
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A video of autumn. Well actually pictures. With soft music.

Length: 02:16 Created 9 years ago
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