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My dad is the photographer and I am the maker of the video. If you wanted to know what camera my dad uses its canon. I hope you find this video amusing and funny! Please could you rate 5 stars for my Sweetheart Snowy and add to favourite list Thank you and Best of Luck!

Length: 01:24 Created 11 years ago
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In this video, you will learn how to merge new seeds together. Please comment and rate. Thank you

Length: 00:45 Created 8 years ago
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Well, I'm frightened! Sunflower is by Pan is Hitting Cats.

Length: 02:40 Created 9 years ago
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Here it is -- I didn't forget. Rats! "MeleKalikiMaka" is too short. I changed it to a vocal version that's longer.

Length: 03:15 Created 9 years ago
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some pie! these look delicious! Jay & the Techniques sing and play "Apples- Peaches-Pumpkin Pie".

Length: 02:27 Created 10 years ago
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