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May it snow in your town, on your street, on your rooftop!

Length: 00:12 Created 9 years ago
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I mixed together beaches and winter scenes into this video. I love the winter scenes they are so pretty!

Length: 02:05 Created 9 years ago
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from Pink Ice: necesito mas musica, por favor! I am having trouble loading music . . . I suppose it will clear up. For now, think of raindrops or snowflakes falling in the quietude before dawn. I used to collect beads from all over So California and I have a zillion necklaces that i made. I am continuing to search for the perfect Christmas necklace and haven't found it yet.

Length: 01:41 Created 9 years ago
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just a christmas card from Nog. MP3 clip is the opening tones from Manheim Steamroller's "Do You Hear What I Hear?"

Length: 00:22 Created 7 years ago
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I made this Blingee of my Dolly, altho it has nothing to do with Chinese Fortune Cookies. I haven't been able to get her to sit still for anymore photographs lately, and she keeps presenting with fleas on the forehead! Grrrr!

Length: 00:26 Created 7 years ago
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