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Lovely desserts, and sweets! Please rate and comment ^^

Length: 01:30 Created 9 years ago
View: 5592
Rating: 29
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Have you ever wished to know how to draw HELLO KITTY! , well now you can watch this video and learn how. P.S (cute song on video i think its called many many colors!) :D

Length: 01:36 Created 10 years ago
View: 15857
Rating: 27
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a story about a nice lil dragon who wanted there to be more water in her valley for all of her friends!! =] i made all these pictures on paint!! =]

Length: 00:50 Created 10 years ago
View: 6115
Rating: 26
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A gallery of cute cupcakes! enjoy:) p.s. this is not a copy of "Kawaii Kupcakes", i promise:)

Length: 01:30 Created 10 years ago
View: 8970
Rating: 19
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A whole lot of Hello Kitty Kawaii!

Length: 00:40 Created 10 years ago
View: 7827
Rating: 11
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This is like my other video Hello Kitty Bento Food and more except it has the other sanrio characters!

Length: 01:56 Created 9 years ago
View: 4203
Rating: 11
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I mixed together beaches and winter scenes into this video. I love the winter scenes they are so pretty!

Length: 02:05 Created 9 years ago
View: 2091
Rating: 5
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this is a really cool winx club slideshow including winx enchantix :D plz watch it and comment P.S tell me your fave charactor on comments!

Length: 03:15 Created 10 years ago
View: 2777
Rating: 5
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Pretty pretty shiny shiny(is mesmirised)

Length: 00:15 Created 12 years ago
View: 2201
Rating: 3
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Well its just my avi from xdms and a random dude lols

Length: 00:05 Created 10 years ago
View: 1652
Rating: 3
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