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I couldn't resist their adorable clothing.

Length: 02:13 Created 9 years ago
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not all cheesecakes are for one person only -- yes, they are -- only for me! These look fantastic. The MP3 I am trying is "Obsession"

Length: 02:15 Created 10 years ago
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who could go without seeing Rudolph for the Holiday Season?? Here he is in all his cuteness. I am putting "Jingle Bells" on this temporarily until I can find Rudolph's music in MP3 format. So far I only found a midi and a wav.

Length: 02:05 Created 9 years ago
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Grumpy speaks for herself.

Length: 01:00 Created 4 years ago
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Dolly is Wise, Dolly is Good.

Length: 02:20 Created 9 years ago
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this is my little tiny girl-cat Suzi that Suzi Wu is named after. This cat is drooly like a little dog is whatsamatter with her, but that is all. She is very loving and playful once a day. Sweet little animal. Did I mention that she is little??

Length: 02:16 Created 9 years ago
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I caught this on YouTube before it is blacked out: ENJOY! and now it is completed.

Length: 25:44 Created 7 years ago
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delightful artwork could only be followed with more delightful artwork. the music of choice is: Puffy Ami Yumi "Moguralike".

Length: 03:06 Created 10 years ago
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