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They are soo cute! Adorable nails. ( not my nails tho ) A friend :) Email me for questions and stuff. Enjoy!

Length: 02:28 Created 10 years ago
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Such a cute ad for HK makeup :)

Length: 04:08 Created 10 years ago
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My husband is in Basic and I know what the future will hold. He will go to war and we will be apart. I love him so much and know he is my soulmate without a doubt. He has ALWAYS been my hero! He is my everything. Hope you enjoy this lil video. The song is by Avril Lavigne and it is When Your Gone.

Length: 01:20 Created 11 years ago
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So you know what happens when I'm bored and kids are at grandmas. Beta Time!!! I made this vid to show a story. hope you like.

Length: 01:00 Created 11 years ago
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I was really bored and thought what would be fun and Hello Kitty popped in my head. I hope you like!! I have other videos too. This was really fun to make. Love ya HK. I've had this account for years and love this site. Yay for all the videos!!

Length: 00:40 Created 11 years ago
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Cute nails! ( not me tho ) But I have nails similar to hers.

Length: 04:14 Created 10 years ago
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Tryin' out for the Hello Kitty Online beta here. Lookin' forward to it, it's gonna be sweet! ^_^

Length: 00:41 Created 11 years ago
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This is all you need to know about the fun online game:Club Penguin. It's a fun virtual world where you can play games and meet new friends. Club Penguin is safe for children. To find out more about Club Penguin, please visit and create your very own penguin. Play games, download wallpapers for your computer, read comics, meet famous penguins and much much more! To all those who want to make a penguin, to those who have a penguin, to those who want to learn more about Club Penguin, to those who just made a penguin, but especially to my brother who just created his very own penguin. Waddle around and meet new friends! Waddle On!

Length: 04:36 Created 8 years ago
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