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Here are just a few of my tablet drawings I've been working on over the summer. Thanks to Rosie, "Dreams Awaken" For inspiring me, and for encouraging me to keep on drawing!

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These are the nerdy cinnamorolls I made up! Cappuccino and espresso ARE NOT MY CHARACTERS!!!! But latte is! :3 Please do not take my pictures with out asking to! Also comment rate and visit my blog!

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high school musical2 work this out chipmunk style ****enjoy****

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Hope you like it!

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I'm back! Hope you watch my other video and coming videos! Signed: kh2fan A. K. A. kelseyc

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Thanks to everyone who has helped contribute this special gift being presented to Sanriotown! Thank you Sanriotown for the memoriable year! Thanks to daniel_daniel, buccimicah, sweetbora, millydoom, lyndon_lyndon, & myself... Sweet_Strawberries96 or! THANK YOU TO EVERYONE! & ESPECIALLY SANRIOTOWN! Here are photos of everyone's memoriable year here at Sanriotown that I let everyone express their feeling for sanriotown! This is a special gift for you sanriotown! If you missed out on this year book you may wait till next years yearbook! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!

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Here are some Sailor Moon Drawings I drew. Some of them I drew out of my head and some of them I copied. But they were all FREE HAND. Here is another drawing video I did on the "Sailor Scouts"

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I have never actually seen any of the scouts (Besides Sailor moon) as an Eternal. Though, I've seen pictures on google of other scouts as Eternals. But anyways, I thought it would be fun to draw the inner and outer senshi as an Eternal, even though I've never seen them like that in the cartoon. The Eternal Sailormoon was introduced in the last season by the way. And some people may not have seen it because they did not show it in America. Please watch my other two drawing videos as well please.

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First video! Blaaaaah. Well, this took about two hours? (I was working on and off, mind you) I like all of the cute stuff you can do with videos! :3 It took me a while to find the Hello Kitty images as well. They were all on Photobucket. -sigh- Nonetheless, I'm happy with my video, and to be honest, I'll be suprised if I don't get a spot in the closed beta testing! I think I'll make another video now, just for fun. That could get addicting. Aha. :D Anyways, if you watched this, well, what did you think? I'm curious to see what my audience's views on my work of art. Well, that's it. Tip your waiters!

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