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*HOW TO ADOPT* You can tell me witch ham-ham you want, and i'll send it to you! Just don't ask for Ham-hams Doing inaprppete stuff.... You Could get banned!

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Hi!Heres the thing(BTW,people cant hear sanrio!!) MY MELODY:Uh-oh! HelloKitty.:What? *family picks hello kitty and cinnamaroll up * Mom:Which one emma?The kitty or this thing?:/ Emma/daughter:Hmm *Erik/son picks up batz maru* Erik:This one!Can i have this one mum? Emma:Aww! *Emma picks up my melody* Mom:You cant have all. *Erik runs to the counter w/ batz maru* Erik:What is this?? Counter Lady:Huh? dont want that. Erik:WHAT IS IT?!? Counter Lady:Its a Batz least,its been. Erik:COOL! Erik:MOM!I wana batz maru Emma:Excuse me...what is this *holds up cinnamaroll* Counter Lady:Its a Cinnamaroll Counterlady:Been here for 5 years,never gotten old.Shes a mighty fine fella Emma:ooh!MOM!! Emma:I want..... ----- Everyone i just wanna say the people CANT hear sanrio talk ok? ----- My melody:I dont wanna kno--HEY!WHY AM I IN THE AIR!? Emma:Your comin home w/ me! My melody:*cry* ````` See ya next time!!!!!

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