hannah montan life what you make it
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jinamarie@hellokitty (11 years ago)
Nora! Just watch mi other video
PLEASE!!!! I didnt have much time to
make K?????

nono24@hellokitty (11 years ago)
why is there only i pic

gg101_2008@hellokitty (11 years ago)
Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus) makes me

sadsak@hellokitty (12 years ago)
show off

lillysarecool@hellokitty (12 years ago)
the best video EVER!!!!!

jjrivera_2007@hellokitty (12 years ago)
life what you make so let make it rock
life what you make so come on come on
ever one now why be sad broken heart
yeah Rock on Hannah Montana Miley
Cyrus and the Owner of the Hannah
montana who make these
Jinamarie@hellokitty.com keep making
these hsm and hm videos and make mc

lalamelody_2008@mymelody (12 years ago)
super cute !!!!! :P

lalamelody_2008@mymelody (12 years ago)
love it yeah!!

2maygirls@hellokitty (12 years ago)
i love it but it needs more hannah pics
& songs

sheltiepink23@hellokitty (12 years ago)
I have this song on my i-pod!!!! I love it
but dose the pictures ever change?? :)

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By: jinamarie@hellokitty [ Visit jinamarie's blog ]
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