Chicken Or Egg . . .
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briannag@mymelody (7 years ago)
what is the point?

fellwyz@mymelody (7 years ago)
jimmy??? buaaaa...

puppy71@kuririnmail (7 years ago)
This is ok. But i like it when it said Jimmy
answer me please! Lol!

wilder@hellokitty (7 years ago)
Wow, those are pretty. My Mom has one
that's made out of bluish glass that's
rainbowy looking! :o

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About this video
00:50 (7 years ago)
By: suzi_wu@hellokitty [ Visit suzi_wu's blog ]
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. . . So out of season. I always look at glass chickens. I think I'll share my chickens. My chickens are too quiet -- better wake 'em up.

Tags: yolks dish plate bowl nest brunch yummy egg eggs chicken breakfast yolk peeps farm chick hens henhouse candy basket chickens chickenwire easter chicks crystal house whyarechickenso antique feed vintage bread eats food hen collectibles peep glass
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