!!!!Jonas Brothers Lovebug with Lyrics!!!! ^.^
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dollsun@mymelody (10 years ago)
i hate the jobros but cool video

4mickeyto101@mymelody (10 years ago)
thx 4 favin pplz! also check out my blog
& click on the link 2 my youtube
account! :) i'll fix the song but i need 2
fine an mp3 of this song 1st.

4mickeyto101@mymelody (10 years ago)
150!!!! =P

4mickeyto101@mymelody (10 years ago)
100 100 100...YEA!!!! =P

_ilovekeroppi_@mymelody (11 years ago)
S.M. Yummmm

_ilovekeroppi_@mymelody (11 years ago)
I Totally LOVE the 2nd Picture

4mickeyto101@mymelody (11 years ago)
i have another one that's almost
finished!!!! go check it out!!!! it's play my

4mickeyto101@mymelody (11 years ago)
Hope it's right this time!!!!

_ilovekeroppi_@mymelody (11 years ago)

4mickeyto101@mymelody (11 years ago)
hey can you send me the right lyrics

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About this video
01:30 (11 years ago)
By: 4mickeyto101@mymelody [ Visit 4mickeyto101's blog ]
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This is a song call Lovebug on their new cd, A Little Bit Longer!!!! This song is one of my favorites!!!! I still don't know how to upload songs, so bear with me over the song!!!! If I'm missing something in the lyrics, or one part is wrong please tell me so!!!! I'll fix it right away!!!! Also comment me on how to improve it!!!! I <3333 the Jonas Brothers!!!! Hope you like it!!!! It's not actually finished because I don't have the song up!!!! SORRY!!!! I don't know how to upload songs!!! If you do please please tell me how to!!!! ^.^ Look for more videos from 4MickeyTo101 Inc. Productions!!!! Comin' soon to Sanrio Town!!!! Check out my old videos & my blogs!!!! If you have any tips, help, or just bored, e-mail me at 4MickeyTo101@mymelody.com !!!! I <3333 to hear from you!!!! Peace & <3333 to you all!!!! ^.^ -With <3333 Mickey!!!! ^.^ I <3333 Cinnamoroll!!!! ^.^ I <3333 the Jonas Brothers & Demi!!!! ^.^

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