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stellabop@hellokitty (11 years ago)
I love it! Go PENGUIN!

kelseyc@hellokitty (12 years ago)
I love the polar bear it's so much
funnier than the penguin! I agree that
it's also cute too! I like the music on
the first one what is the song? Do you know?

kelseyc@hellokitty (12 years ago)
Do you live in the artic?

kelseyc@hellokitty (12 years ago)

cookieluverlol@hellokitty (12 years ago)
HA HA HA!!! after watching it the 3rd
time i finally get it...that's hilarious!

tsunade2006@hellokitty (12 years ago)
it's cute

lalamelody_2008@mymelody (12 years ago)

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Penguins and polar bear harhar funny

Tags: funny silly penguin bear poor ice animal polar
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