HKOcontest Work in Progress
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pansiratan@hellokitty (6 years ago)

akmb1987@hellokitty (9 years ago)
i think u draw rly gr8! If u've finished
u'd totally win =D

cipre@hellokitty (10 years ago)
Wow! You're good! Well, alright this is
an old video, but I just can't resist to
compliment you ^.^ You got a talent to
be an animator there :p

woww it is brilliant!!!!! how did you do
that? you're an artist!

marcetdy@hellokitty (11 years ago)
i think it would be such a waste if you
don't finish this work of art... it may
not have the mandatory files from the
media pack, but what the heck! the
important thing is that this is how you
express yourself about the HKOnline... i
really am moved by the presentation...
the song and the movement of the little
girl really moved me and made me feel
the same way as it was supposed to be
felt by the character herself.... you
really got the talent! wish i have the
talent that you have! ciao!

dawnlaree@hellokitty (11 years ago)

ripplecloud@hellokitty (11 years ago)
too bad you're not finishing it ... but your
first half is good, I like it alot - the
dreamy feel, the music, even your
version of little twin stars! ^_^ I don't
have the patience to do frame by frame
animation :P hah!

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About this video
00:44 (11 years ago)
By: bunnywinx@mymelody [ Visit bunnywinx's blog ]
Views: 7126

Can't really call it a "work in progress," though, because I don't really have any intention of finishing this. This is only the first half of what would have been my full submission into the HKOcontest, but I lost my motivation and now it's just going to stay half-finished. Yes, I realize that it does not have all of the mandatory files from the Media Pack, so I know I've disqualified myself. Even so, I'm sharing what I was able to finish. Enjoy my 29 frames of hand-drawn (well, tablet-drawn) animation. You can also view it in a larger and better resolution at this page: 88665536

Tags: illustration hkocontest stars entry contest art mmo unfinished online twin wip little hello submission kitty hko
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