Protect Animals
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momme@hellokitty (4 years ago)
yes lets help

goldenstar54@hellokitty (6 years ago)
O My Gosh poor animals there so cute
and look what were doing to them

girlysis03@hellokitty (6 years ago)
wat the crap?!

kawaiipanda12@mymelody (6 years ago)
this is so amazing protect the animals

fungirl1987@hellokitty (7 years ago)
This is sorta what "SpongeBob's Last Stand" is

trendygirl@hellokitty (7 years ago)
awww sad but nice work... nice vid ;)


fungirl1987@hellokitty (7 years ago)
I had to LOL the monkey hugging the dog but
you have made an extremely good point. I saw
a tom cat a couple of months ago. It was out on
the streets but it looked cute. I HATE ALL THE
GRRRRR!!!!! >=(

Love it.Great job.Congrats on editors
pic.It reminds me of a story.On time,I
was riding my scooter,the along came I
think a minature poddle.She was very
curly and had midnight black fur.I told
my mom and we gave it some food and
water.We called him "Fuzzy" for the
time. I walked up and down the streets,
until a big red truck approached.The
person unrolled there window, I
asked,"Is this your puppy" the nodded
and I gave him the dog.He thanked me a
bunch.I will always remeber this tory of
protecting an animal.

londonluv86@hellokitty (7 years ago)
Aww Did you help it?

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About this video
05:20 (7 years ago)
By: londonluv86@hellokitty [ Visit londonluv86's blog ]
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Animals are the most beautiful living creatures on Earth, they do every activity we do, but what happens when we mistreat them? They can no longer live happy. Animals have the same right to live as humans do. We must stop people who mistreat them and help them survive or else animals won't exist in the future. Besides leaving our children and grandchildren wondering their whole life how an animal used to look like when they existed, it's sad because some humans don't care because "they think they're smarter" but we're all the same! If you pay attention, then you'll see that animals aren't so different from us. While I was making this video, I found many pictures and videos of animals that were injured bad because of mistreatment. Injuries so bad that it's a miracle that they survived! If you know someone who has a pet and mistreats them, or if you see someone mistreating an animal outside, don't be afraid to tell someone and save the life of that animal! It's sad to think that our brain is a little more developed than other animals and we don't use it to help them, we must help them no matter what it takes, they're our true friends, they're the only ones that will be for us no matter what forever .I know maybe my video isn't great, but I just hope it helps at least some of you understand that animals are the best living creatures that were given to us and they were brought here for a reason, because we're the only ones that can protect them. Protect Animals! Help save the world! Change the world! Everyone can make a difference! **You might want to let the video load for a little while or refresh the page if it doesn't load well. I made it with Windows Movie Maker so it might take a little more time to load but it does work!** Music: Doctor Who "Doomsday" by Murray Gold Enjoy! PROTECT ANIMALS!!

Tags: the resources extinct tortoise mistreatment creator tiger natural save green earth birds who music animals deer cats for defense sad sisters bunnies discrimination society deforestation family protection fund rspb of world protect adopt londonluv86 nrdc council murray cat gold habitat endangered warming global species royal doomsday dog doctor wwf happy dogs galapagos wildlife
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