Day Dreaming in Diamond Bar
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tanzy_blue@mymelody (9 years ago)
there wasn't anybody kissing at the end -
- the fountain is so pretty in this anime
pic! Maybe I was kissing a kitten or a

tanzy_blue@mymelody (9 years ago)
this will make more sense if I explain it
in a few words. I dreamed I was driving
to a shopping mall that is an older mall
converted into an indoor mall in
Diamond Bar. Everything outside was a
brilliant shade of aquamarine. the auto
was an aqua VW Beetle with white
interior. As I neared the mall coming
over a small rise in the highway, I saw
the most beautiful, rippling, aqua bay
where there had never been one
before. There are actually golf courses
in Diamond Bar.
I parked outside the mall and went
inside to shop at JC Penneys for some
aqua colored bedsheets. On one of the
display beds with a 4 poster bedframe
was a grey cat and Tiny Bubbles (Jazzy's
white kit that had temporary paralysis).
I picked them up and went back out to
buy a box of chocolates at the See's
Candy Store for my Aunt's Christmas
gift and 2 lbs of caramels for myself.
I then went outside through some glass
doors and found the end of the highway
and there was that beautiful aqua bay
I looked down at the cats that were
exploring some small green plant life
near me, then looked up again and the
bay turned into a very large fountain.
Sitting on the edge of the fountain were
two men, Keith and his uncle Joshua.
They were eating some chocolates of
their own.
I told them that the fountain is a mirage
and that the ocean has come in much
too close here. Then I woke up.

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03:09 (9 years ago)
By: tanzy_blue@mymelody [ Visit tanzy_blue's blog ]
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this is another fascinating dream I had a few nights ago . . .the music is a new age piece I found on the internet titled "Serenity". Please read my detailed yet short explanation of the dream I had in the Comments section if you don't understand it. If you like it, please comment, if you don't -- don't post ?!?! remarks, okay?

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